Why Us

Our firm recognizes that our clients have many choices when it comes to selecting legal counsel, we believe that we will have a pleasant and successful collaboration since we value our relationships with our clients.

We Have Amply Experiences in Employment-Based Immigration Cases

Our clients range from large multinational corporations to small businesses, universities, and individuals They benefit from our experience in a variety of industries, including scientific research, information technology, health care, financial services, landscaping, agricultural equipment, transportation, banking, entertainment, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, insurance, retail, property, engineering, and manufacturing.

We Understand Your Concerns; We Understand Your Cultural Background

As one of the key immigration law firms in Southern California, we speak English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. Having been through the immigration process ourselves, we understand the concerns and anxiety involved.

We know how important securing immigrant status is when you try to build a new life and career in the US. More importantly, we are familiar with diversified cultural backgrounds, and we understand how the legal system works here and in your home country.

We Provide Excellent Service with A Targeted Strategy for Each Individual Client

We work closely with our clients to establish a strategy that will allow us to present his/her achievements to meet USCIS criteria. With this understanding, we guide each of our clients through every step of his or her case, assisting them in drafting reference letters. This serves the dual purpose of taking the burden off of the referees, as well as ensuring that the letters are written to meet the INS criteria and in terms the INS will understand.

This is how we can maintain a high approval rate for cases we have filed.


We are Cost-Efficient, We Can Keep Our Fees Competitive

We understand that costs are one of the concerns of our clients in their decision making process. We make every effort to minimize your monetary cost, while providing the highest quality professional services to you.

Except for USCIS filing fees and costs to run advertisements if you file a labor certification case, our attorney fees cover most of the cost incurred in your case, including mailing (Express mail not included), copying, and faxing. You do not have to worry about how many phone calls you made to the firm regarding your case.