What Our Clients Say

I am writing to thank you and your team for the excellent job you have done on my green card application. My wife and I truly enjoyed working with you. The whole process was very smooth and the final result was wonderful. I do believe that this cannot have been achieved without your efforts and input.

H. Y. L. Reno Nevada, May 2012

I am writing to thank you and your team for the excellent job you have done on my green card application. My wife and I truly enjoyed working with you. The whole process was very smooth and the final result was wonderful. I do believe that this cannot have been achieved without your efforts and input.

S. Q. Philadelphia, PA, March 2012

I am glad to inform you that I have got my GC in hand. I am so excited and thrilled. I am really thankful to you and your team that your industrious effort and passion made it happen. I will be in touch in case any need arises to my known and friends.

P. T. St. Louis, MO, March 2012

Thanks again! We are still excited and can’t believe the dream comes true. I know that my Eb1 case is not strong and without your help, it cannot be approved so easily (I still remember the pains from my previous Eb1-b case).

Alameda, CA. S. N. Wu, May 2011

I received the E-welcome notice this morning! This should be true after the E-notice of I140 and I485 approvals. As far as I know, I am the quickest one to become a permanent resident in my circle.

I still remember the first time I called you. I was diffident and uncertain about my qualifications. It was you who persuaded me to file EB1A petition together with NIW. During the whole process, It was you and your group who fought side by side with me. I still remember the days I were about to lose my job in the U.S. It was you who gave me strength. Now, sitting in my new lab in Harvard with the wonderful view of autumn, I am so grateful for you. The road has never been easy. Thank you for walking me away all these troubles, so much again and again!

A. H. Boston, MA. 11/2009

I am happy to inform you that I received my green card by mail yesterday. Thank you so much for all the effort and time you put in my application and making it a success :)..It has been so much fun and so easy working with you making the whole process so much easy and painless.

October 2009, K. S. Long Beach, California

Both my EB1a and NIW were approved within 5 months after filing and my I-485 was approved the same day. Even after few weeks I still can not believe how quickly this journey has been for me. I am very glad that I chose your law firm to process my case, without your professional help, this would not have happened. My case is not very strong and my company lawyer refused to do EB1b for me. I was very disappointed until I talked to the professionals at Jingchenglaw on the phone, the attorney reviewed my case carefully and told me that I still had a pretty good chance for NIW even EB1a. Most importantly, when I asked the attorney how much confidence she had in my case, she told me the law firm would not accept any case without a reasonable chance to be accepted and she also showed me the extremely high percentage of her previous clients’ approval rate. Her professionalism, honesty and proven success record convinced me right away to give my case to her. It turned out to be a very good decision for myself. I would like to sincerely thank you all for your help and I would not hesitate to recommend your law firm to anyone in the future.

September 1, 2009, B. C., Pennington, New Jersey

我由衷地感谢精诚律师事务所的帮助,使我的O-1签证和EB-1A绿卡申请得以顺利通过(两者的批准速度出乎本人的预料)。无论是背景评估和申请材料准备, 我的感觉是:他们经验丰富, 专业知识精湛。 在申请过程中, 律师能在短时间内尽心帮我修改推荐信; 材料的整理及寄出相当及时。总之, 和精诚律师事务所的合作是非常愉快的。

February, 2009. X. H. Portage, Michigan

I just got approval email for my and my wife’s 485. Want to share this news with you and sincerely thank you for your continuous and great help on this long process!

Wish you the best in 2009!

S. W., January 2009, Fremont, CA

I am glad to tell you that my NIW I-140 was approved last week (Sep 15), 2 months after my EB1A I-140 approval. Your wonderful assistance and guidance in the process of data collection and the preparation of reference letter is the key to this success. I would recommend your law office to all my friends who need professional aid.

X. Y. September 24, 2008. New York, NY

Both my husband and I have just received our greencards and the welcome notices. It has been only 13 months since we filed I140. We cannot believe how quick this journey is and how lucky it is for us to pick you to work on our case in the first place. We could not thank you enough for all the hard work you have done, more importantly, your professionalism and knowledge.

First of all, I would not even have tried to apply for Eb-1a because I feel my case is not really that strong. Second, to relink our I485 from NIW to Eb-1a was such a great move. It really worked and saved us so much time, money and efforts. It is absolutely amazing how everything has worked out just as you have planned for us. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend your office to anyone that needs help with greencard application.

S. W. July 1, 2008. Baton Rouge, Louisianan


J. L. April 2008.Boston, MA.

At first I would like to thank you for all your kind help and support during the two years’ GC application period. Finally, both my Eb1a and NIW applications are approved. It is such a great news that my Eb1a is approved from NSC without RFE because I almost have given up the Eb1a case and everybody knows how hard it is to win an Ebla case especially under the situation that the visa cut-off day for EB2 is Jan. 2003!

Thank you for your outstanding work to ‘packing’ my case. As we know my case is not strong enough to be guaranteed to be a Eb1a case, especially when we know that so many people with much stronger background have failed in Eb1a case. Anyway, maybe I am luck on this case and more important one is it is your great work made our case a successful one. Thanks again for your efforts.

Y. I. December 2007, Ames, Iowa



正式签和约是2006年6月的事情。等我资料准备齐全的时候已经是2007年 3月了。这其间精诚的咨询服务都是很让我满意的。打电话、写邮件都会有回应,我递交任何信件草稿都会很快的给我修改意见。在我将材料全部递交给精诚以后,律师根据我的具体情况让我补充了一些证明我的研究影响力的材料,我想就是这些补充资料确保了我的140在2007年9月无补件要求就一次性顺利通过!


X. L. December 2007, Raleigh, NC

I just received an email notice of the approval of my NIW petition. I am very pleased that both my Eb-1a and NIW got approved with your help. Thank you so much for your excellent work.

W. S. November 2007, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I’m very happy to let you know that my wife and I finally received our greencards. It’s been 3 long years, but we have been very lucky to have your support and help along the way. So we would like to express our sincere appreciation to you.

I’ve moved to Alabama for my new job. So far things have been going well. One thing I just realized is how important my PR status is to my grant application. It just seems that many more doors suddenly become open to me.

Anyway, thank you for all the help over these years.

Z. L. November 2007, Huntsville, Alabama

I received the notice last Friday and was very pleased. I always feel that my case for Eb1-A is not strong. Thank you very much for the wonderful job you and your group have done.

S. L. November 2007, Baton Rouge, LA

Last year when one of my friends referred you to me, I did not expect our green card applications could be approved within 8 months – 3 months for I-140-EB1A, and only 5 months for I-485. I am very happy with the results. I and my family thank you very much for your advice, help, and efforts throughout the applications.

X. N. September 2007, Grand Forks, North Dakota

I am glad to learn that my PERM application was approved. This is great, thank you so much!

I know the Atlanta center is heavily backlogged and my approval is faster than most of the other applicants.

L. H. September 2007, New York City, NY

A good news from USCIS. Our I-485 got approval last night, and I got a notice about the Green Card will send to us soon. That for our family (my wife, my son, of course, myself).

Many appreciated for your assistance!!!

T. H, August 2007, Indianapolis, Indiana

I am excited to inform you a happy surprise: both my petitions for EB1 and NIW were approved yesterday — it has been less than a month since the cases were submitted. What a great relief!

Thanks for everything you have done. Your care, patience, and professional service have made this stressful process much less unpleasant. I have been impressed by your rich experience, which is what I am lack of and is where I have benefited the most. Again, thanks for all your help.

X. P. March 2007, Durham, North Carolina

I just checked my status and found out our I-485s have been approved! Thank you again for your help along the journey.

Y. H. September 2006, New York City, NY

I received email from CIS that our I485 was approved on Sep 9th. I am so lucky to get your help. Both my wife and I appreciate your time and efforts.

J. X. September 2006, Kingston, RI

I got my H1B visa last Week and will return to the US in late September. I had experienced a lot during past half year, and you helped me to go through the toughest time in my life.

You gave me the best advices, high-quality professional services and the most important thing, confidence. I really appreciate your advice, help and patience throughout the entire process.

Y. Z., August 2006, San Francisco, CA

We consulted a number of law firms due to the complexity of our cases and finally asked Jingchenglaw to help us. They evaluated our cases very carefully before agreeing to take our cases. The law firm started working on our I-485 applications in May. They took a very quick action on preparing the applications. Our cases were filed with USCIS in just two weeks! They have always responded our questions very promptly and patiently. I could reach them by email and phone whenever I need help or advice from them. I got my approval in only three weeks after USCIS received my application. They are working with us on my wife’s case. I am confident they can always make the right decision and help my wife to get her approval.

F. Z., July 2006, Fremont, CA

Just want to let you know, I have received emails for 485 approvals! Both my husband’s and my cases are approved on Jun 28th, the cards are ordered on Jun 29th. It only took us two years to get our greencard. Thank you very much for all your help along this long way of applying Green Card. I really appreciate it!

P. J., July 2006, New York City, NY

I feel very lucky for having chosen Jingchenglaw to represent me in my GC application. My NIW 140 was approved in just 2 weeks.

Before I contacted with Jingchenglaw in Oct. 2005, I was extremely disappointed when I learned about the visa retrogression. But I felt encouraged after discussing with the experienced professionals and listening to their constructive analyses on my case. We had a great collaboration. The attorney who helped me made everything to the key point so that I, as a novice in GC, understood everything I have done and where I should go.

Thanks for jingchenglaw’s professional knowledge, advice, patience and especially—the flag-tag of the 41-page cover letter—they all worked together to lead to the success of my NIW.

Q. S. May 2006, Ames, Iowa

I filed my I-140 (NIW) in May 2004 in CSC and got RFE letter in March 2005. Jingcheng Law firm gave me the best advices on how to respond. They gave me so much confidence and the advices were so essential. I got the approval eventually! To a large degree, the success of my NIW petition was because of high-quality professional services I received from the attorney and the assistants of the office. I really appreciate the help and patience throughout the entire process.

Z. Davis, California

Thank you sooooo much for everything you did for us. It is a miracle that our case got approved in just 5 days from NSC!

Before talking to you, we were told by some other lawyers that our case is very challenging and we almost lost hope. It’s really a wise decision to seek help from you, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to obtain those independent opinion letters. Also, I think your 34 page cover letter is a critical part that is not even possible for a DIY. We should have passed without RFE if we had your help the first around.

W. J. March 2006, Denver, Colorado

我是去年九月份自己递交的NIW,10月下旬收到了TexasService Center的RFE补件通知。我的朋友知道我的情况后,推荐了加州的精诚律师事务所。他本人的NIW是请精诚递交补件并顺利获得批准的。我的RFE补件于1月11日寄出,1月16日获得批准。批准速度之快,出乎我的预料。从提交绿卡申请,到补充文件,到批准,总共用了4个月。感触比较深的一点是:我找到了一个经验丰富、认真负责的好律师。





S. Y. February 2006, Augusta, Georgia

It is such a pleasure to receive the approval news of my EB1a petition from Jingcheng Law today. I feel very appreciated to great efforts and glad to share my story.

My background is a little bit complicated and the attorney of the firm spent a lot of time to help me to put everything together. I never had any doubt about the law firm even if I got RFE. The RFE seems to be very tough but the attorney explained clearly to me about the issues involved. Besides, the attorney did extensive legal research and found a convincing way to address the issued raised in the RFE. It was touching that she even worked during weekends and holidays. The case was approved 11 days after the response was received.

It is getting harder to apply for GC after 911. The preparation for self-employed I-140 petitions is extremely painful. The attorney adn assistants of Jingcheng Law office worked like a good friend. Since the writing is very specific to my research field, the preparation was lonely even if I got good friends and supporting spouse. It was the professional service I received from the attorney and assitants of the office that kept my heart calm and full of hope.

The package we have prepared is over two-inches thick. Looking back I am not only happy with the result, but also very glad to see that most of the shining moments of my life are nicely written and remain so well organized. An important chapter of my life is summarized there. Looking forward I am very confident with my future. If I can get an EB1a approved, what else can’t I succeed? Thanks Jingcheng law firm.

Y. J. January 2006, Los Angeles, CA

With the help of Jingcheng law firm, my NIW was approved in less than two months, submitted on 10/13/05, and got approved on 12/6/05. No RFE.

When I was wondering around to find ideas and help to file my green card petition, I have spoken with attorneys from at least four law firms before contacting the Jingcheng law firm. The reason I picked this firm is simple. All other firms that I contacted with didn’t think I could ever be successful getting my Green card approved. This law firm identified the potential in my application.

To me, the approval is a miracle because I do not think I have a very strong background. I got my Ph.D in Chemical Engineering in 2003, did my postdoc in biomedical engineering, and currently working in a small-sized biomedical company. I did not have recommendation letters from government agencies, no national awards, nor did I have many publications.

I am thankful to Jingcheng law firm, especially the attorney, who spent a lot of time and efforts in assisting me with my recommendation letters and successfully convinced the USCIS that the work I have been doing, although at a private company, serves US national interests. the law firm did an excellent job!

H. X. January 2006, State College, PA

I feel lucky to select the Jingcheng law firm to handle my greencard application.

The service is excellent, the lawyers are extremely Knowledgeable and responsible, and their advices are all to the point. I am definitely thankful to the attorney and the assitant, who directly handled my case, for their excellent work in putting together my applications for which my both I-140s (EB11 and NIW) got approved at the Nebraska Service Center in less than three months, filed in September 2005 and approved on November 14 and December 6, 2005 respectively.

C. Y. December 2005, Ames, IA

I submitted I-140 application myself to Vermont service center when I was a second year Ph D candidate. I got the RFE from USCIS two years later. My friend recommended Jingcheng law firm to me when she learned I got the RFE.

I talked with the attorney of Jingchenglaw several times over the phone. The attorney is very patient and well organized in every document. He always gave me clear and straightforward idea when I was in confusion. At the beginning, I realized that it would be very difficult to get my green card because I am still a Ph.D candidate without strong background. He gave me a lot of encourage and went into every specific detail in my working and research experiences. I got many good suggestions from her to prepare my statement, to get my recommendations, and to get enough support materials from academic organizations. The attorney and assistant worked closely with me, carefully reviewed and commented on the recommendation letters, which is crucial to the NIW application. Depend on these efforts from the law firm and our good cooperation, my I-140 was approved 3 weeks after we submitted RFE.

I think Jingcheng law firm is dedicated to its clients. The attorney and assistant are always there when I need their help. I knew that I could count on them. They tried every possibility to get stronger evidence and to establish my confidence.

J. X. November 2005, Kingston, RI

I got to know Miao Hai when I first applied for my H-1 visa through the law office she works at. Her knowledge and always-available attitude impressed me the most. The case went through smoothly and I was very happy with their professional work.

Then after the well-known notice on the U.S. Visa Bulletin in the middle of September 2005, I decided to rush into the concurrent filing of I-140 and I-485 with NIW by the end of September even though I did not have anything ready. Since I was almost starting my NIW case from scratch (No Personal Statement, No Reference Letters, No Nothing), I know I can only make this “mission impossible” possible if I have a knowledgeable lawyer and most importantly a reliable lawyer that I can trust and coordinate closely in a timely manner. Impressed by their previous work on my H1 case, once again, I chose Jingcheng law firm to prepare the NIW case for me. Because of so limited time, the attorney and assistants of the law firm and I worked closely to prepare the documents together. For almost everyday for ten days in a row, they worked till very late at night, sometimes I can even call them to ask questions after midnight when preparing all the materials. Their great experience in the immigration law helped a lot in this case. When preparing the materials in such a short period, I know exactly from the attorney what I need to do and how to get them done as soon as possible. Amazingly, we got the application filed two days before the deadline in the end. They have tried their best to make the case presentable, which includes a 30-page petitioning letter.

I heard some law firms pushed a lot of cases out and they charge a lot extra money to do so, but some cases were kicked back due to clerical mistakes they made. For my case, the application receipt was received 4 days later and the finger print notice arrived after 10 days.

As an honest professional, the attorney told me frankly even before we started the case that I might receive the RFE later since it is true that we did not have much time to prepare the case. I really appreciated her honest attitude to the client and I truly understand this is the best that I can expect with a NIW case prepared within 10 days. Even though I am still waiting for the response for my NIW case, I believe that I will have a good chance to make it though with their great knowledge and extraordinary work.

H. W. October 2005, Los Angeles, CA

I had experience with two law firms and two lawyers during the process of my immigration application, and they were totally different.

My first lawyer is a so called “famous” immigration lawyer in New York. It took him more than one month to submit my application packet, even though all materials were ready. The nightmare happened later on when I received the results. He said there is nothing he could do, and, if I wanted to talk to him, I should pay $50 first.

At that time, I had been an Assistant Professor at a college, so I decided to apply Labor Certificate through special handling (before PERM). My friend recommended Jingcheng law office to me and we have had a very happy experience since then. I am impressed by their efficient working style. All my questions can be answered in one or two days. Although I almost started from scratch and LC requires preparing a lot of documents, it took me only one month from signing the contract to submit the application. My application went smoothly and got approved in about six weeks, which I thought was unbelievable. Without their help, I just cannot make it in such a short time. It is their solid background and knowledge on immigration law, professional attitude, and high quality work that make “unbelievable” into reality. Jingcheng law firm is the one that you can trust.

H. Y. September 2005, New York City, NY


我的专业是MBA,公司是10个人不到的贸易公司.母公司在新加坡.雇主给我的工资比劳工部所规定的工资标准还要低.听说MBA申请H1B比较难.所以我很担心.咨询了几家律师事务所,他们的回答都令我没有信心.有的律师甚至要我跟雇主商量提高工资. 但这根本没有可能.

经朋友介绍,我找到了精诚联合律师事务所.该事务所的律师及助理非常耐心回答了我的问题.在分析了我的背景及公司的情况之后,律师认为我的工作职责与所付的工资可能会是问题,并提出了具体建议.我是公司雇佣的第一个H1B,我担心公司会由于不了解H1B的情况,不太会配合.律师主动与我的公司联系,跟雇主介绍了H1B的情况,打消了公司不必要的顾虑. 公司同意配合.

经过律师事务所的加速处理,我的H1B在OPT到期前3天递交到移民局. 11天获得批准!

W. X. F. September 2005, Los Angeles, CA