Our Office receives a lot of case-specific questions via e-mail and phone each week. We cannot answer these without discussion, analysis or clarification. To do so would not only be inadequate, but could result in an incorrect conclusion leading to major legal problems for the person relying on an erroneous response based on insufficient facts.

Because of the complexities involved in immigration law, we believe that providing a quick response based on a small amount of information might do more harm than good. Therefore, we are not able to answer specific immigration related questions of non-clients. In order to answer case-specific questions, an initial consultation must be scheduled.

We provide Free Initial Consultation and Paid Consultation.

Free Initial Consultation

We do provide case-specific initial free consultation for those who wish to engage in the services of the firm.

You can take advantage of our free evaluation which will cover the followings:

  1. An objective evaluation on the success rate of cases similar to your background;
  2. The immigration options that fit your situation the best, and the disadvantages and advantages of each alternative;
  3. A brief introduction of the strategy used to present your case;
  4. The costs of to be incurred in your case, which include attorney fees and USCIS filing fees;

We highly recommend that you attach your resume in your initial communication with us in order to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of your case. In your e-mail, please indicate how you would like to be contacted (e-mail, phone, etc). We guarantee to get our assessment back to you within two business days. If you do not receive an answer from us within two business days, please re-send your e-mail to

Paid Consultation

We offer non-client paid consultation services with our attorneys over the telephone. This service allows you to schedule a time convenient for both you and one of our attorneys to have a person-to-person conversation during which time we can properly address your concerns.

We conduct legal research and case analysis, which will provide you with details and recommendations based on the specific facts of your case. We will perform extensive research and analysis on whatever your immigration concern may be, so that you receive a thoughtful and complete response to your questions.

Here are the consultations we provide:

  1. For a complex situation, in-depth legal research and analysis;
  2. Second opinion review of cases handled by other attorneys;
  3. Review of a pending case and suggestions about how to expedite the process;
  4. For a case you are handling yourself, answers to specific legal questions and professional opinions;
  5. Legal research to provide printouts of applicable laws and provisions;

Our Fees

$100.00 (US) for each 30 minutes.

Please Note: If you choose to engage our services within 30 days after the consultation, the full amount of your consultation fee will be credited to your attorney fees.

If you would like to schedule a paid consultation to discuss your case on the phone, please call our office at 213-255-2068 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (PST) to set a date and time for the consultation with one of our highly qualified attorneys.

After the payment is received, you will be e-mailed or faxed a consultation sheet, the return of which, will confirm your scheduled consultation. You will also be asked to fill an online consultation form with some basic information, as well as a brief description of your situation.

We accept the following: cash, personal checks, money orders, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards

Consultations for Our Existing Clients

If you are one of our current clients, you can simply log on and check the status and progress of your case through our secure state-of-the-art case tracking system using your username and password, which are assigned to you when your case is entered in our system for web-based access. If you have any further questions regarding your case, please contact the attorney and the assistant who work on your case through email or telephone.