Career Opportunities

Position: Writer

In this position, you will assist the attorneys and clients to draft and edit specialized and technical evidentiary statements, business and communications plans, and promotional documents. You will work on a wide variety of writing assignments, including legal, high-tech, business-related, and marketing materials, etc.You will also conduct professional and in-depth research and analysis based on the requirements of your writing assignments. Detailed job duties include but not limited to:

  • Analyze documents in the English and Chinese languages, develop, write and edit written matters in the English language based on information obtained intended for technical and business-related case evidentiary statements, briefs, supporting reports and plans, promotional texts, presentations, etc.;
  • Gather information about the assigned topics in the English and the Chinese languages, through personal observation, library, and Internet research, and interviews with the firms’ clients to develop, write, and edit written matters in the English language based on information obtained;
  • Examine proposals and select materials to be used, evaluate manuscripts, perform research using appropriate sources and citations, use the written word to express ideas and convey information as well as meet established standards;
  • Conduct research to verify facts, data, and statistics, prepare written interpretations of complex technical data in the English languages; check copies for factual numerical, logo, legal, style, spelling, punctuation and grammatical accuracy, breaks, and make corrections where needed;
  • Review documentation style, composition, grammar, word choices, suggest revisions to clients’ statements, briefs, instructions, and other documents, such as changing words and rearranging sentences to improve clarity and accuracy, make redline corrections to documents, and proof work to ensure the desired output;
  • Present drafts to attorneys and clients for feedback, revise or rewrite sections accordingly, searching for the best organization and the most appropriate phrasing;
  • Translate legal, business, and promotional written documents between English and Chinese, and Chinese and English; edit and proofread all translated materials for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors;
  • Apply analysis, writing and research to support the manuscripts provided by primary sources to ensure accuracy of legal content before submission to the citizenship and immigration services

Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in English or Communications, Master’s degree preferred. Must be bilingual in English and Chinese. Excellent English writing and editing skills. Solid strategic planning knowledge and skills.Professional level communication research and analysis skills.Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.Must have a detailed approach to handling multiple projects and meeting deadlines with minimal supervision.

To apply, please send a cover letter summarizing your qualifications along with your current resume to: